Watch Online Doraha Part 1 Ullu Web Series All Episodes

Watch Online Doraha Part 1 Ullu Web Series All Episodes 2022

Doraha Part 1 Ullu Web Series

Doraha Part 1 web series watch online: Ullu has released the trailer of his new web series Dorah on his official YouTube channel. Fans were eagerly waiting for the release of this web series, so the wait is over. You can watch the trailer on their YouTube channel and watch online Doraha Part 1 all episodes on Ullu App.

    Doraha Ullu Web Series Cast

    • Ruks Khandagale as Veena
    • Bharti Jha as Ratna
    • Vinit Kumar Medhatia as Shekhar
    • Kalyani Jha
    • Pawan Pandy
    • Avnish Chaudhary as Vivek

    Doraha Part 1 Web Series Story

    Doraha Part 1 episode 1 story is about a boy who gets married under the pressure of his parents and leaves home on the train on the night of the wedding. When the parents find out that their son is not at home and the new bride has been waiting for him since night, they are apprehensive and nervous and ask his friends about it. that they know their son where he is and at the same time keep talking about their son that if he had to do the same thing then why the bride also comes out after hearing these sounds of marriage Seeing the scene, Katha gets scared and starts crying.

    Doraha Part 1 Episode 2 Seeing all this, the boy's father asks his friends if they didn't know about this and that they ran away from home and made our name bad. He had told me long ago that he was not happy with this marriage but you people were not accepting this and he was being pressured by which he got tired of this marriage and now he is sitting on the train at night. The father of the boy who has left the house is worried and after hearing these words from above, he tells them

    That when strays and worthless people like you will be his friends, then we will see the same, the houses of such people will be ruined. When he was running away, you people did not say anything and now you are cleaning up in front of me. To prove you right and he tells his other boy to push them both out of the house.

    Doraha Part 1 Episode 3 Seeing all this matter, the boy's father starts and tells his wife that after today he is dead for me, today we have only one son on the other hand the bride hears that her husband is eight o'clock in the night, he left home, then who was with him that night, who celebrated his honeymoon with him, friends, now there is a new twist in the story. To see the rest of the story, you must watch the complete series, which you can easily watch on the Ullu app.